Loot Filter

Having a loot filter will enhance your gaming experience by a lot. Depending on your progress and the league you are playing in, the following custom-made loot filters are recommended for the Toxic Rain Champion build:

It’s recommended to use one of the endgame loot filters as soon as you’ve finished the campaign by completing Act 10. If you want to use the Trade League filter, be aware of the fact that you will see a lot (!) of items which are not beneficial for this build. As a consequence, new players have to go through a lot of items and check if they are a) useful for the build or b) worth selling to other players. Assuming that both options will be challenging for new players, using the SSF loot filter might be a better option although you are playing Trade League – but that’s up to you, of course.


Make sure to download one of the above mentioned loot filters and to save it to the following folder: \Users\User\Documents\My Games\Path of Exile. Then, you can select the loot filter in the ‚Game‘ options menu.

Loot colors and which items to pick up

Despite the fact that you are already filtering out a lot of stuff  when using a loot filter, you will still see a lot of items on the ground. For new players, this can be quite overwhelming. Therefore, the custom-made loot filter use the following color scheme:

  • Red loot: These items are either currency items or can (but not necessarily must) be very useful for your build. You should always pick them up as long as you can’t judge if they are good or not – this comes with experience.
  • Brown loot: These items are unique items. You should always pick them up as long as you can’t judge if they are good or not – this comes with experience.
  • Blue loot: These items are either jewellery or recipe items which do not take a lot of inventory space and therefore are great to pickup in order to sell them to the vendor (or to use them if they are better than your current equipped items).
  • Green loot (text): These items are either quest items or Heist contracts. You should always pick them up.
  • Yellow loot (text): These items are rare items which can either be beneficial for the build or great to sell to vendors.
  • All other loot: Any other colored loot that is shown, can be picked up, but it’s not mandatory. But: You can sell items you don’t need to a vendor to get useful currency items  (unlike in many other ARPGs where you just get gold), so make sure to pick them as long as you have inventory space.

TL;DR: Pick up everything you see, especially red, blue, green and brown marked items. The further you progress the less (useless) items you will see and the more knowledge you have (in future playthroughs), the less (useless) items you will pick up.

Create your own filter

You can also create your own loot filter by using filterblade.xyz