Resources & Tools


  • Path of Exile Wiki
    This website provides information regarding the game.
  • PoE Lab
    This website provides information specifically regarding the Labyrinth.
  • PoE Ninja
    This website provides information regarding the economy of the current trade league as well as an overview of all builds played
  • Zizaran’s Path of Exile University
    This is a YouTube series which provides in-depth information on a wide range of topics featuring several known Path of Exile streamers
  • Path of Matth’s Casual Exile’s Guide
    This is Google Spreadsheet compiled by Path of Exile streamer Path of Matth which contains tons of helpful information.
  • Path of Exile Subreddit
    This is the official Path of Exile subreddit.
  • Path of Exile Builds Subreddit
    This is a subreddit specifically dedicated to Path of Exile builds.
  • Grinding.Zone
    This websites compiles a lot of useful resources and tools in regards to Path of Exile.
  • PoEDB
    This website provides in-depth data regarding items, uniques, skills and passives.

    This website allows you to generate search terms which you then can use ingame to find specific things faster when using the search function (e.g. in your stash or at the vendor)