Ascendancy Skill Tree

Ascendancy classes represent specialized subclasses that provide access to a unique Ascendancy skill tree tailored to the selected character class. This build guide is designed for a Duelist with the Ascendancy class of a Champion which comes with great defensive passives.

You can unlock your Ascendancy class by completing The Lord’s Labyrinth (usually referred to as ‘Lab’) in Act 3.

In general, the Lab has 7 difficulty levels but in order to unlock all your Ascendancy class passives, you only have to complete four of them, namely:

In order to get access to these, you have to complete the associated Trials of Ascendancy which you can find in specific locations.

Important note: Once you’ve completed a lab, you can choose an Ascendancy class and/or claim Ascdendancy passives at the top right of the last room. Make sure you don’t go through the portal on the top left before you’ve chosen your Ascendancy class or you’ve claimed your Ascdendancy passives – otherwise you have to redo the whole Labyrinth!

Ascendancy Progression

The first time you can encounter The Lord’s Labyrinth is in Act 3 where you get the quest to go to the Aspirant’s Plaza through the Statue of the Goddess and complete The Lord’s Labyrinth. While you want to do this with the majority of builds as soon as possible, you don’t want to with this build. It simply doesn’t really benefit from the very first passives at this point and it’s not worth the struggle (because you have to kill the boss Izaro who can be challenging, especially for new players).

Therefore, proceed with the campaign and ignore the Lab quest for the time being. Once you’ve reached level 55 and you’ve completed all Trials of Ascendancy from Act 1 to Act 7, you are good to tackle both the Normal Lab and the Cruel Lab.

When it comes to the order of choice of your Ascendancy passive skills, follow this one: