In the Afflicition league, you have the possibility to select one of three Wildwood ascendancies. As of now, I recommend selecting the Wildwood Primalist as it seems like it has the potential to give you the best benefits when it comes to this very build.

Namely, these benefits are Charm Sockets which allow you to place so called Charms that can provide modifiers, such as:

Charm modifieres for damage scaling (in order of importance*):

  • #% increased Effect of Withered
  • #% increased Effect of your Curses
  • #% Increased Mirage Archer Duration
  • #% increased Area of Effect if you’ve Killed Recently
  • #% increased Attack Speed for 20 seconds when you Kill a Rare or Unique Enemy
  • #% chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on Kill
  • Cursed Enemies you or your Minions Kill have a #% chance to Explode, dealing a quarter of their maximum Life as Chaos Damage

Charm modifiers for survivability scaling (in order of importance*):

  • Flasks gain a Charge every 3 seconds
  • Removes Bleeding when you use a Flask
  • +#% maximum Fire Resistance
  • Recover #% of Life when you use a Flask
  • Every 4 seconds, Regenerate #% of Life over one second
  • Gain Adrenaline for 4 seconds when you reach Low Life
  • +#% chance to Suppress Spell Damage
  • +# to Strength and Intelligence
  • Cannot be Stunned while Fortified

Charm modifiers with other benefits:

  • Culling Strike
  • #% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills
  • Banner Skills have no Reservation
  • Skills that would Summon a Totem have #% chance to Summon two Totems instead

*To give you a general advice which one to go for is pretty hard since it highly depends on your current talent tree and current gear. Therefore, I gave those modifiers who provide the most generic benefit a higher priority. But don’t stress about it, you can basically not do anything wrong here as long as you pick one or more of the mentioned modifiers – but charms can be minmaxed as well, of course.

By the way: You can ignore ‚Howl of the Wolf‚ on the ascendancy skill tree since this very build doesn’t use any warcries.